How Painful Are Dental Implants?

How Painful Are Dental Implants?

One of the biggest questions patients ask the dentists at HEB Dental is, “how painful are dental implants?” As with any question we answer and any procedure we perform, the answer is as unique as the patient. The fact is, even though there are have been amazing strides in dental care, there are still millions… View Article

Do You Have TMD?

Do You Have TMD?

There are many signs and symptoms of TMD, also called TMJ ( temporomandibular joint ) issue. It’s not easy to self-diagnose this dental symptom because it can appear you have a different dental issue. Do you have TMD? That is something you need to ask your dentist. Your dentist at HEB Dental can make a… View Article

Will You Need A Bone Graft?

If you’re missing teeth and are ashamed of your smile, dental implants can give you back your confidence. This cosmetic procedure is an ideal way for someone who has lost teeth to an accident or decay to replace their teeth with dental implants that will function and look like your regular teeth (in some cases,… View Article

Do You Have Dry Mouth?

Do you have a dry mouth? It’s not a question you should take lightly. This medical concern may be an annoyance, but more importantly, it can lead to tooth decay. Your saliva is critical to food digestion, controlling the bacteria in your mouth, helping eliminate bad breath, helping chew and swallow your food and protecting… View Article

How To Get A Healthy Smile

A healthy mouth can lead to a healthier body. A healthy mouth may also put forth a great first impression — especially if you have a smile you’re proud of. To get, and keep, a healthy mouth we have tips on how to get a healthy smile. Some of the tips are common sense, but… View Article

Ask The Expert Radio Interview: Dental Implant Tools & Insight

Ask The Expert: Dr. Michael Wehrle was interviewed in June on the Ask The Expert Radio Show and discussed several items including: How long Dr. Wehrle has been in practice The difference between mini implants and regular dental implants The need for a CBCT scan when determining whether someone is a candidate for dental implants… View Article

How Can Your Dentist Help With Your Sensitive Teeth?

Does it hurt when you eat or drink hot or cold foods? Do you suffer pain when you chew sweet, spicy or sour foods? If you said, “yes” you could have sensitive teeth. How can your dentist help with your sensitive teeth? If you let your dentist or dental hygienist at HEB Dental know you… View Article

Do You Need To Have Your Wisdom Teeth Pulled?

Chances are you have thought, for your whole life, that you have to have your wisdom teeth pulled. If your dentist has said this t you are you wondering, “do you need to have your wisdom teeth pulled?” Wisdom teeth removal typically requires oral surgery. If your wisdom teeth aren’t causing you any pain, should… View Article

What Is Sedation Dentistry?

Are you afraid to go to the dentist? Do you know you need dental care, but know you will likely need to have anesthetic? Ask your dentist about sedation dentistry. What is sedation dentistry? It is a way to alleviate a lot of stress and anxiety and get you back in the dental chair to… View Article

Ask The Expert Radio Show: How Long Do Dental Implants Take?

Dr. Michael Wehrle was interviewed on the “Ask The Expert” Radio show and discussed several different topics with the host about his dental practice which has operated in Hurts, Texas for the past thirty years. Among the topics discussed on this edition of Ask The Expert, Dr. Wehrle covered: Ask The Expert Radio Show: How… View Article